Save 10% for Save the Children

1458494_552891824794538_1424078891_nAs we wave goodbye to 2015 and prepare to welcome the New Year, I’m offering a 10% discount on Sophie Fagan Holistic Massage gift vouchers. The offer is available throughout December and I’ll donate each 10% saving to Save the Children’s Child Refugee Crisis Appeal.

This time of year presents a fantastic opportunity to let go of old ways of being and allow space for new thoughts and feelings to flourish. Just the other night, with a full moon shining brightly above and a warm, well-fed fire burning steadily in front of us, a group of female friends got together to do just this.

We talked, we listened and, when we felt the time was right, we each placed something in the fire that we felt no longer served us. It was a powerful ritual made even more special by a moon at the end of its cycle, shedding light on the things we allowed to pass.

Some brought personal artefacts they’d carried for a long time, things that symbolised a person they no longer were or wanted to be. Some turned potent words into ash.

We all asked the same questions of ourselves. Does this story I’ve been telling myself still fit? What if I let it go? What might come in its place? Watching old thoughts, feelings and associations go up in flames is incredibly powerful. We were empowered by the process.

December can be a minefield for old ways of thinking. Well-rehearsed family traditions, loved ones no longer with us, painful memories. These things can seem set in stone and the opportunity to let go and welcome newness can feel impossible. But however it may seem, the chance to check in with yourself is always yours for the taking.

Sometimes it’s as simple as allowing yourself to stop and take stock of where you’re at. A treatment with me can do just that. There are no expectations, my clients just come as they are and leave their lists of ‘shoulds’ and ‘to dos’ at the door.

If you know someone who’d appreciate a bit of time and space in which to relax and let go then please get in touch. I’m offering 10% off gift vouchers throughout December.

Printer friendly vouchers addressed to your loved one can be emailed directly to you. I accept payment by bank transfer.

I’ll send your voucher within 2 days of receiving funds and donate your 10% discount to Save the Children’s Child Refugee Crisis Appeal.

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