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Holistic Massage with Sophie Fagan

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Holistic massage is not just about me doing something to your body, it’s something we create together. For your first treatment we’ll start with a consultation because it’s really important for me to get a detailed history and a clear understanding of what you want and need from our session.

It’s good to allow time for after care so when you make a booking try and plan it so you have a bit of space afterwards to come back down to earth and let things settle. If possible, try and avoid busyness or stress directly after your treatment.

Prices, offers and discounts


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2024 Update – UPAS credit is accepted as payment. For the full menu of massage options, prices and to book a session in Sophie’s Utrecht studio click here:

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If you would like to invest in your wellbeing and save some money you can buy Block packages of massages. These must be paid in advance.

Block 4 x 60 minutes €295
Block 4 x 75 minutes €340
Block 4 x 90 minutes

Block 4 x 120 minutes





Sophie returns to Bristol a few times a year to teach workshops and see clients. If you would like to be the first to know when Sophie is available in Bristol get in touch and ask to be added to her Bristol client list.

1 hour holistic massage

Unemployed / Carers discount £45
Low income £50
Full price £55

Personalised gift vouchers are also available. Please call or email me if you’d like to give someone a bit of ‘me time’.
Holistic Massage with Sophie Fagan

Clients say

“Like most people who spend many hours hunched over a computer, I often have problems with my upper back, neck and shoulders as well as my knees.

Sophie always checks in on how I am and have been since previous treatments, both physically and emotionally, ensuring that my treatment for that day is tailored completely to my needs.

She is very genuine, focused and attentive. I can really feel the amount of her energy that she puts into my treatment. She is very well-informed on both the body & holistic massage and I am always assured that she is treating my body the best way possible, as well as being able to offer further advice on how I can help my body away from massage.

I always leave my treatments with Sophie feeling slower, taller and calmer. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”

– Ren Forrest, Video Editor, London